Get it Goin’

Yesterday: Got a po box, retail sales permit, federal id number, and registered my business name with the city of Richmond.

Today: Did some website stuff, chatted with my graphics artist to be (Kendal Lemire -haven’t met yet her but I have a feeling she’s freakin awesome). Cleaned the shed hoping to transform it into a workshop. Ended the day feeling defeated by the chaos of an old structure with a buckling concrete floor and lots of gaps in the corrugated sheet metal walls, but still hopeful that some minor renovations might make it functional. Discovered grossness in the form of mold inside the refrigerator doors.

Tomorrow’s Steps: Get applications in for farmer’s markets, meet with graphic designer (stoked on this one!), get Roy (my brother) to estimate workshop needs, create menu of teas and salves, make list for the next day.


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