Still raining.

Today: Met with Kendal Lemire at Lamplighter and am really excited to see what we come up with together. She gave me an assignment of Pinteresting my ideas and things I like. Got to see a couple of old friends while there, talked about a good deal of fun stuff in addition to graphics. Like the honesuckle syrup.

Slipped on the back deck and had a terrifying few moments. The fear of exacerbating a back injury spun me out  and affected me all day. It hurt.

Went to a talk at C3 on the common mistakes unsuccessful businesses make. It turned out to be all about taxes and accounting. I’m grateful for it even though it was not a ‘pick-me-up’ kind of talk.

Made a vegan take on beef and broccoli using portabellas and shiitakes. It was awesome.

Did not get the other things on my list done.

Tomorrow: Go get the printer from brother’s house and print those applications! Contact M, the bookkeeper at the Chickpea office, to chat about Quickbooks and bookkeeping mentoring. Rest! Do gentle/restorative yoga! Create menu!


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