I’m pulling it together. I’m happy with how the site looks despite my lack of skill in graphics and making digital things visually appealing. Don’t get me wrong. It has a long way to go. But small steps are good steps to start with! Today I created a Tumblr account, and it’s dedicated to Tree Medicine. The physical medicine for our bodies and the esoteric medicine for our souls and the invisible medicine for the Earth. An honoring of these creatures whose pain I feel on the reg.

Some other things. I’m almost ready to distribute fliers and samples to potential retailers, and I have a lovely flier for my services made with the help of my dear friend Prabir over at My Glasses Rule. Now I need to get the samples assembled, find a real place to officially set up shop, plaster the city with Rebel Herbal teas, and then begin filling orders. I’m so so so ready. More than that I’m grateful to finally be ready, to be in THE city I call home, that I don’t remember loving when I left but am falling in love with these days, to have the encouragement of awesome people, and the support of my spirit guides.

Let’s do this y’all!



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