Who: Herbalist Candice Cook is creator of Rebel Herbal. She has been  practicing clinically, making medicine, instructing in the field and classroom, educating in community, wildcrafting, and researching ethnobotany since completing formal training in Western Herbalism in 2009.  She brings her passions for plant life and wellness, a calling to service through healing, and a desire to support individuals as they evolve and build community, back to her homeland of Richmond, Virginia.

What: Rebel Herbal is a r/Evolution of the self. And: medicinal teas and salves, plant walks, medicine making workshops, self-acceptance, one on one consultations, meditation classes, wellness education, simplicity.

Where: Richmond, Virginia! Online store and product locator coming soon!

When: All day every day!

Why: It is time. Well-being is a process as much as it is an active state of being. Making the decision to heal, to take care of oneself physically/mentally/spiritually, allowing oneself to be nurtured, is a very personal choice and often not truly supported by conventional medicine. Rebel Herbal exists to provide medicinal alternatives that are rooted in nature and bring balance to the whole person. We offer a line of medicinal teas formulated to support the body’s systems and their interdependence. For a significant evaluation and customized formulas to support the individual, private consultations are available. However a person chooses to approach their unique path to wellness, a commitment to oneself and to the work it takes to get healthy is essential.

How: Drink more tea! Meditate! Go outside! Don’t be afraid to take care of your mental health! Learn about the plants in your yard! Consume with intention!


Disclaimer: Rebel Herbal and its owner, staff herbalists, contributors, and apprentices are NOT trained medical doctors. We are educators. As such, we will not claim to diagnose, cure, or treat new or existing medical conditions. We will tell you what has worked for others based on observations in clinic and our own research reviews.


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